Here at TC Safety Inc. we understand that safety is your number one priority when it comes to the productions of the worlds’ oil and gas needs. We know that each and every employee is a part of the whole and without your well trained employees, the production of oil and gas would stop at a stalemate. We provide expert training in Emergency Rescue and Fire rescue when there is an incident at the well site that could potential harm one of your employees. With that said, our EMS personnel are equipped to provide the highest care possible under their state certifications and operate under standing orders as designed by your company’s specific guidelines.

Our EMS personnel are the first line of defense when it comes to a incident in the oil field, when a more advanced level of care is needed EMT’s or Paramedics will be called in to triage the individual. EMS personnel have the ability to assess and treat employee injuries and illness immediately. This early intervention helps avoid unnecessary and costly offsite treatment and helps provide necessary treatment sooner. We all know that there are rarely times where the rig is within a few miles of a populated town with a viable hospital for employee care, our EMS personnel can mean the difference between life and death when the well site is in a secluded area. TC Consulting in plant services reduces response times.

In conjunction with the Safety Department staff, TC Consulting can help develop protocols for injury care and medical evacuation of injured employees. EMS Personnel are specialized in a wide variety of services, from minor first aid to stabilizing serious injuries and preparing employees for transport to a nearby hospital for immediate care.

EMS personnel have practical experience in stabilizing ill or injured persons by rendering first aid and relaying status to the local fire department EMS if necessary. EMS personnel also have pratical experience in dealing with difficult clinical procedures, reducing the need for the employee to seek off site physician care. All EMS personnel develop a rapport with local fire departments and their staff, insuring prompt and ongoing continuity of care and service for the employees of your company.

All EMS personnel are trained to the fullest in advanced first aid and emergency medical care as required by OSHA standards (e.g., 1910.151, 1926.23). Furthermore, all EMS personnel are experienced in maintaining order at the site of emergency medical scenes ensuring that access to the site is controlled, providing information to security and all medical personnel. EMS personnel are also certified in First Aid, CPR, ACLS and PALS, ensuring that each employee is in good hands if the need ever arises for prompt medical attention.

“We know that your number one priority is the safety of your employees and the prompt service of medical attention when there is a illness or injury at the site, let us provide a helping hand with our highly experienced EMS Team.”

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